Localise is about promoting a holistic perspective of social justice and community resilience. We have seen massive social breakdown in our communities and while there are some notable examples of Christian organisations taking the lead in addressing these systemic issues in many cases the Church has not engaged very effectively with this. 

Rural Signposts

We take the view that building from a Kingdom of God/ Christ-centred view of God’s world those who claim to follow Christ are called to stand for justice and to model vibrant community. The local church has the keys to addressing the anxiety and destruction in our communities in multi-faceted ways – often very practical – from a world-view that sees every person as made in God’s image and worthy of dignity and care – and God’s creation as a whole as something we are called to carefully steward for future generations.

From a biblical perspective many of the issues of societal breakdown and inequality have stemmed from a mechanistic view of the world and human life whereby scientific/industrial solutions have been applied on large scales and resulted in dehumanising, disempowering systems being imposed on communities. This has manifested in extreme stress on the most vulnerable. We see Jesus’ commands and example to be to seek justice for the poor and we look to address this in a number of different ways:

  • Teaching aimed at helping the Christian community grasp a biblical view of culture, history , economic and social justice issues ( see Clive’s series: Snakes on a Plane, History of the Gospel in Aotearoa and Social Justice in teaching)
  • A resource website linking local social enterprises and local production initiatives as a resource for job creation and encouraging creation and buying of locally produced good and services
  • A facebook page to engage with the wider community on issues of social justice, community development, economic resilience, sustainability and conservation issues.
  • Attending conferences, engaging with other local groups interested in community development issues and networking with others with similar and overlapping interests with a view to collaboration and joint projects where appropriate.

Future initiatives are proposed including:

  •  Regular meet-ups for interested parties
  •  A co-working building space used as a resource centre for developing co-op and other production ventures: food, fabrics, software, trades, sustainable technologies etc.

For more information or to be involved contact Clive McKegg