Nathan on The Hard Questions

How do we cope with the fact that there is suffering in the world and also claim that God is good? Should we assume that Christianity is “right” as compared to other belief systems? What is prayer? These and more addressed very engagingly by our very own Nathan Hawkins.

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Seeking God


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Privilege and Prejudice

Gareth taking us through a Privilege and Prejudice “workshop” exploring our perception of racism and sexism, specifically challenging our own prejudices.

The videos Gareth used (edited out of the audio track) are as follows (in order of play):

Social Conformity

Drawing a Fighter Pilot, Dr and Firefighter

Privilege Walk

Privilege Test

Racial Bias

Jane Elliot on Oprah

In Group / Out Group

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Te Karakia O Te Atua (the Lord’s Prayer)

Maria and Arthur coaching us through the Lord’s Prayer in Maori Language.

The Lord's Prayer in Maori and English - from Christchurch Cathedral

The Lord’s Prayer in Maori and English – from Christchurch Cathedral

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Jules Riding: The Five Days of Easter

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Colossians – Christ The Centre: Concepts of Submission (Pt 2) – Ch3v18

Becky loves slam poetry – she shared this video as part of her presentation. This is called “The Shrinking Woman” (by Lily Myers)

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Finding Freedom

Michael and Lisa Taylor speak about their ministry walking with Christian men with sexual/porn addictions and their spouses. Considered leaders in this field in New Zealand (“because no one else particularly wanted the job”), the Taylor’s share the most up-to-date information on this rapidly spreading problem, as well as their own testimonies.

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Finding God in the Midst of Chronic Fatigue

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My Love Story

Esther shares her story of experiencing the transforming power of the passionate love of God.
To download mp3 right click here.

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Farewell for Nathan and Charlotte

We missed recording a bit at the start – but for those who couldn’t make it or want to listen again to what was said this is precious 🙂 Thanks everyone – especially Nathan and Charlotte for the great deposit you have left with us.

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